Vehicle Wraps On Trucks, Cars, Trailers, Fleets & Vans

Vehicle Wraps are Everywhere!
96% of us will go outdoors, either as drivers, passengers or pedestrians to work, shop, eat, see movies, etc. According to the Transportation Advertising Council, a division of the OAAA, vehicle advertising generates between 30,000 and 70,000 daily vehicular impressions. An excellent wat to accomplish this is with CAR, TRUCK, TRAILER, AND VAN WRAPS. Another research by the American Trucking Association indicates that 91% of the surveys report people do notice words and pictures on fleet vehicles. 75% report that they developed a favorable impression of the company when wrap graphics were used and that 25% said they would base a buying on these impressions. To maximize the impact and reap the most benefits of this powerful tool you need a company with a strong vehicle wrapbackground.

That Company is Quattro Signs & Graphics®.

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Corporate Fleet Wraps

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